The How I Survived Game

Your bed is floating in an ocean! Your dog turned into a zombie! How will you survive? To play, the judge for the round draw a scenario card and reads the ridiculous scenario out loud. The other players race to grab object chips! Will that toilet bowl help you? What about the pogo stick? Once you have your chips, you’ll have to stretch your imagination to create your own survival plan. Practice improvisation and make your plan clever, creative or funny – whatever it takes to convince the judge to award you survival rations. How will you defeat a giant llama with hot sauce? Or will you survive lunch-lady ninjas with a bucket of worms? This wild and weird think-on-your-feet game will have your kids in fits of giggles! And whoever has the most survival rations at the end of the game wins! For 4 or more players. Includes 55 double-sided object chips, 80 survival scenario cards, 75 scoring rations, 30-second timer and instructions.
SKU: MIN13931559