Pay Off Student Loans Candle

If your eyes bulge each month at the size of your student loan payment, and it feels like you’ll be paying off that debt forever and ever, you’re not alone. 44.7 million. That’s how many other people are in just about the same spot as you. So while we hope that our country will sort out the high-interest nightmare that befalls those who quest for higher education, don’t stress it. Light this candle and whisper a little thanks for what you’ve already achieved. And when the candle is all burned out, maybe raise a glass to an end that’s closer than it might feel. These candles are hand-poured with an all-natural blend of coconut, beeswax & soy, and wooden wicks. They burn with a gentle glow, and when they're done, wash the rocks glass and fill it up with your favorite libation. Unscented. 11 oz.