Malibu Sour Pineapple Vegan Gummy Bears

Organic, Vegan, Plant-based sour Pineapple Gummy Bears! With newly designed packaging specifically for our Organic gummy bears is fully sustainable! Made with Real Pineapples grown in California, you will taste a gummy bear like no other! So sweet, so natural, you will feel like you have just eaten the perfectly ripe fruit with a sour kick, on the beach of Malibu! Truly unique candy that you will find hard to share. It's SO good! Our Gummy Bears are inside a newly designed resealable Kraft bag. We have worked tirelessly for over a year to create a bag that is not only Sustainable but also compostable AND biodegradable! Our Vegan gummy bears are made in small batches in Los Angeles.
SKU: CGB41846