Loopy Lou

A super cool recording device with loop switch, pitch control knob and 1/8" output. Perfect for musical noobs and musicians alike! Give them hours of creative entertainment without screens with our hand-made wooden voice recorder featuring pitch control and a switch to play your recording on repeat. Use it for jokes, sweet messages or to show-off sweet beat-boxing abilities. No wonder the New York Times Wirecutter called it one of the best gifts for 2022 & 2023! his recording toy’s simple design makes it easy-to-use for professional musicians and kids. No wonder you can find Loopy Lou sound toy in the studios of countless well-known recording professionals, living rooms and playrooms all over the country. Features 30 second audio sampler/recorder, playback speed control/audio distorter, repeat/loop switch, 1/8 inch/ 3.5mm output jack. Made in the USA.