I Love Vincent

In I Love Vincent, readers spend a fun-filled day with Scout, a seeing-eye dog, and his human, Vincent, who is blind. Follow the pair across the city and home again through vibrant and stylish illustrations by acclaimed author/artist, Laura Ljungkvist Scout is a very good boy. He is a seeing-eye dog who helps his human friend Vincent with all his daily activities because Vincent is blind. After graduating from a special training school where they learned how to be partners, Scout and Vincent became a perfect team! Vincent takes excellent care of Scout, giving him his favorite kind of food and taking him to the park for endless rounds of fetch, and Scout takes care of Vincent by guiding him safely across busy streets, helping him find items that go missing, and making sure he avoids danger. Scout loves Vincent and Vincent loves Scout. Follow them as they make their way through a typical day, ending with favorite records and snuggles on the couch.
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