Can Sophie Change the World?

This is Pay It Forward meets the #BeKind movement, as seen through a Jewish principle. It’s Grandpop’s birthday, and all he wants is one little thing: for Sophie to change the world. He wants Sophie to do a mitzvah—something kind for others. But what exactly does that mean? As Sophie shares, teaches, helps her friends, takes care of birds, and picks up litter, she wonders which of these acts, if any, might change the world. By performing this sequence of poignant mitzvahs with an open heart, unending empathy, and a big imagination, Sophie’s about to discover that what sounds like an impossible task just might be the best way to live life. In this exploration of an essential part of Jewish traditional teaching, Sophie’s efforts to grant Grandpop’s wish show that the smallest acts of kindness are what truly change the world.
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