Bessie Coleman Finger Puppet

Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman was an accomplished aviatrix and thrilling stunt pilot. She not only embodied human achievement, she showed her nation its potential for greatness. Barred by prejudice in the United States, she learned French, traveled to Europe, and earned her international pilot’s license. In spite of the racial hatred and discrimination against women, she returned home and set out to become both advocate and inspiration for others cheated of the chance to work toward their dreams. As she turned down segregated air shows and advocated equal opportunity, she encouraged other adventurous men and women of color to join her in the skies. This Bessie Coleman Magnetic Personality will remind you of the poor sharecropper’s daughter who longed to fly and who did not quit until she’d led her country toward the future. Approx. 4” tall – a magnet on your fridge or locker and a puppet on your finger.
SKU: UPG5511