Flora Rabbit Family Calico Critters

Introducing the Calico Critters Flora Rabbit Family, a whimsical set of characters bound to enchant any young adventurer! With their endearing droopy ears and love for all things floral, these delightful rabbits are ready to hop into your heart. This charming set includes the proud father, nurturing mother, and their three adorable babies snugly cradled in a baby carriage. Plus, you'll find a variety of accessories to enhance their adventures! But the magic doesn't stop there! Get creative and mix things up by swapping the flowers and clovers adorning their ears with those from the bouquet included. You can even switch the floral accents between family members for a fun twist! Dressed in matching checkered outfits in a soothing shade of cool blue, the Flora Rabbit family is both stylish and sweet. Meet Nolan, the gentle father who brews herbal tea with love and believes his plants truly understand him. And don't forget Aria, the talented mother who charms everyone with her beautiful singing and piano melodies, despite her less-than-perfect drawing skills! Their adorable triplets, Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage, bring even more joy to the family with their playful antics. Aria's role as a nursery school teacher ensures that kindness and laughter are always in abundance in their home. Let the Flora Rabbit Family bring a burst of whimsy and wonder into your child's playtime adventures! Ages 3 & up.