Toy Poodle Family Calico Critters

Step into the enchanting world of Calico Critters with the Toy Poodle Family, featuring Veronica, Frank, Melinda, and Eric. These flocked figures stand at 3 inches (Veronica and Frank) and 2.25 inches (Melinda and Eric) tall, perfect for little hands. With removable clothing and poseable joints, they're ready for endless adventures. Frank, the athletic father, coaches soccer and boasts a dapper tie collection. Veronica is the talented baker, known for her delicious cakes and welcoming nature. Eric is the studious brother, excelling in academics and always willing to help others. Melinda shares her mother's passion for baking and enjoys hosting tea parties for friends. Join the Toy Poodle Family for fun-filled escapades in Calico Village! Ages 3 & up.