What Does a Princess Really Look Like?

"Inside of our head is where our smarts are," she said to herself, "And this princess is very smart." Chloe dreams of being a ballerina princess. But today she is not practicing her twirls or leaping from room to room. She digs deep in her art drawer to find what she needs to craft her very own princess ballerina. The project quickly turns into more than a simple princess drawing. Chloe realizes that princesses are not just about beautiful hair and sparkly dresses. As her work of art comes to life, she discovers the qualities of character that make up her princess. When she feels insecure about an imperfection in her art, her dads point out that the personal quirks make her princess unique And Chloe realizes that she is not too different from the princess she so admires. "When you know what you want, not much can stop you." Princesses can look all kinds of ways. What kind of princess are you? Autographed copy.
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