We Just Click: Little Lego Love Stories

LEGO® Minifigures don't play around when it comes to matters of the heart! We Just Click is a sweet and humorous look at love within the zany LEGO universe. Fifty pairs of iconic Minifigures answer the timeless question: "I knew we clicked when," sharing heartwarming moments of romance, friendship, and love. We Just Click features a different diverse relationship on each spread. Highlights what our favorite Minifigures love about each other with delightful, punny humor. Has a little something for the LEGO lover in each of us. We Just Click is a lighthearted, humorous exploration of love within the LEGO universe, in all of its forms. Perfect for Valentine's Day or any day you wish to celebrate love. It's almost as if Minfigures were made to fit together. Features a diverse range of relationships and representation of love. Perfect lighthearted gift for friends, parents, and children—celebrates love in all its forms. Great for nostalgic LEGO lovers, newfound fans, and those who loved The LEGO Movie
SKU: CHR452182315