The Power Wish

Summon the energy of the universe to make your dreams come true with this bestselling guide to a powerful manifestation method by Japan’s leading astrologer. • wish upon the New Moon and the Full Moon–the phases when the Moon is available to help you; • make your wishes using words of high vibration that have the greatest cosmic resonance and fortune-boosting potential; • get the universe in the mood to help by embracing gratitude and positivity; • time your wishes to harness the particular strengths of all twelve zodiac signs, such as the speed of Aries, the financial expertise of Taurus, and the transformative power of Scorpio. With Keiko as your astrological coach, you don’t merely wait for the universe to fulfill your dreams; you become actively involved in charting a path for your life–and in finding the love, happiness, and success you’ve always desired.
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