The Dugeonmeister Cookbook

Eat delicious snacks and game-friendly meals in between dice rolls and encounters with this easy-to-follow RPG themed cookbook perfect for every game group. Feed your gamer group with this collection of 75 game-friendly bar bites, finger foods, and easy-to-share meals. With recipes from the passable Goodberries Baked Cheese-wrapped dates to the one-handed Dragon on a Stick Easy-Eat Meat Skewers to the player-favorite Inspiration Points Peanut Butter White Chocolate Pretzels, this cookbook has you covered for any game night adventure. Complete with easy-to-follow recipes and the wit and wisdom of the authors of A Dragon Walks into a Bar and Düngeonmeister, this book will hit the spot for hungry fighters, spellcasters, and anyone else at the table. Additional recipes include: -Goblintzes—Cheese Blintzes- -Genasi’s Delight—Masala Peanuts- -Remarkably Movable Rods—Candied Bacon- -The Picked Pocket—Hamburger Stuffed Rolls- -Healing Words—Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting- -Shards of Elemental Chaos—Candy Bark- -Hex Grid Cookies—Map-Based Sugar Cookies-
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