The Cabinet of Dr. Deekay

Young Alex Winchester woke up in a grey metal hospital bed surrounded by the peering eyes of strange malformed creatures. A giant oblong pink and blue pill with human legs was fiddling with an IV bag above his head, and to his left a trio of mismatched prosthetic legs were attached to three truncated appendages of a smiling turquoise octopus. However well your best dentist visit went, it didn’t go as well as the visit New York Times bestselling illustrator Camille Rose Garcia had several years ago. The result is this illustrated fever-dream of a book that is equal parts William Burroughs and Walt Disney. In fact, WIRED magazine declared of her reimagining of the Brothers Grimm story that “Walt Disney would likely turn over in his cryogenic vault if he saw [her] gorgeously skewed portraits of Snow White and her angry dwarves.”
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