That's What She Said

Celebrate your love of all things The Office with 200 custom-crafted stickers inspired by your favorite Scranton, PA, workplace. Can’t get enough Michael Scott? Well, That’s What She Said. Now you can show off your die-hard obsession with everything Dunder Mifflin with original artwork inspired by The Office that you can stick all over your memos, sales reports and swivel chairs. From hardcore street slang like “Fluffy Fingers” and “Dinkin Flicka” to Schrute-inspired mantras like “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica” and “Perfectanshlage” and unforgettable images like Michael’s World’s Best Boss mug and a coveted “Dundies” trophy, this collection of colorful stickers highlights the very best and funniest moments from The Office. With multiple sizes of each illustration, you’ll never run out of fun stickers to brighten up your belongings or share with your friends and coworkers. That’s What She Said is a must-have collector’s item or gift for any fan of one of the greatest comedy TV shows ever.
SKU: SIM646041893