Star Wars Affirmation Cards

Star Wars Affirmations features a collection of inspirational and philosophical cards focused on mindfulness, inner strength, and positive thinking for all aspiring Jedi. Even a hero like Luke Skywalker struggled to learn patience, but when he finally did, he completed his training to become a Jedi Master. With Star Wars Affirmations, parents will foster growth and encourage those same strengths in their children with the help of beloved Star Wars characters. Featuring memorable moments from the films and packaged in a keepsake box, this motivational card deck will help children in their growth and development. Each card will spark meaningful conversations and positive thoughts, help build self-esteem, and encourage kids to be kind and compassionate to others. The card deck includes: - 52 unique cards featuring Star Wars–themed affirmations, prompts, and more - 32-page guidebook to help with personal growth and inspiration - Sturdy keepsake storage box
SKU: SIM647224868