Spin Drifter Yo-Yo

The Spin Drifter offers 3 play patterns in one new yo-yo design! Yo-yo, Top, Stack!. Good for novice to expert: Spin Drifter is equipped for standard play or use the side-spinners to allow the player to hold the yo-yo while spinning. Many new tricks to learn or invent your own! The side spinning caps are secured with small ball-bearings, so each side cap spins independently of the yo-yo. Stack and Spin: Much like fidget spinners, the Spin Drifter's side caps interlock to allow stacking while spinning. Simply remove the string and wind up like a gyroscope then pull! How many can you stack while spinning? The transaxle axle design allows for long spin times. Simply unscrew the sides to easily change strings. Assorted colors. Ages 6 & up.