Shuffleface 4 Interchangeable Animal Face Puzzles

Set includes 4 animal face jigsaw puzzles of 100 pieces (8" x 10") each: owl, cat, spider, and monkey. Crafted with interchangeable 100-matching-piece puzzles, so you can assemble into the original faces, or you can switch out elements to create monstrously fascinating hybrids. The pieces feature color-coded backs allowing you to work on one puzzle at a time, or mix them all up for a real challenge. Only peek at the back if you need a hint. These eye-catching puzzles make an awesome party or team-building activity. Assembling puzzles can also help encourage cognitive development, such as problem solving, hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning. Perfect for anyone who loves animals and is looking for a novel take on the classic jigsaw puzzle. Each puzzle is 100 pieces with color-coded backs.