Secret Jewish Space Laser 1/400 Scale Model

Now that Marjorie Taylor Greene has revealed the existence of the secret Jewish Space Laser, we've decided to sell models of this scientific marvel to raise funds to defeat QAnon-supporting politicians. Designed by Lazar Wolf and launched in 5780 from a secret base behind a Lower East Side deli, the Jewish Space Laser conducts orbital missions to smite anti-Semitic tropes and sabotage conspiracy theorists. Now, you can carry a tchotchke-sized scale model of this very real and not at all fake satellite weapon which definitely exists. 50% of profits from this product will be donated to candidates and organizations working to defeat QAnon supporters running for Congress. Note: This is a joke, but it is NOT a toy for children. This laser pointer is appropriate for use with pets. Do not stare into the beam of this laser.

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