Seasonal Sangria

Thought sangria was just for summer? Think again! Add flavor to your gatherings and spice up your parties with over 101 sangria recipes! From traditional red wine to sparkling and frozen sangrias, this book has over 100 delicious recipes to suit every mood and occasion. Co-creator of the Hudson-Chatham Sangria Festival, author Dominique DeVito expertly pairs wine and seasonal fruit, creating bold new flavors while putting fresh twists on classic favorites. This book is packed with ways to enhance your sangria, including tips for choosing wine and glassware, as well as recipes for infused vodka and simple syrups that will really take your cocktail to the next level. Here are just a few of the delicious recipes you'll create: *The Classic *Sangria Blanca *Cherry Pom-Pom *Apple & Spice *Peachy Sangria *Berry Orange-y *Minty Melon *Lemon-Lime Time *Sassy & Savory *Fall Fruit Fiesta *Spicy Island *Get Figgy With It *Blackened Pear *Raspberry Romance *Basil-Dew Delight *Honey Plum *Slush Berry *Peachy Keen *Summer Day Strawberry *Lavender Lift *Blue Dew
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