Seal Soapstone Carving Kit

Seal Soapstone Carving and Whittling—DIY Arts and Craft Kit. All Kid-Safe Tools and Materials Included. For 8 to 99+ Years. Learn how to carve your own soapstone seal sculpture Premium quality kit with natural soft Brazilian soapstone in beautiful rich colors ranging through greens and browns A fun creative experience for kids from 8 to 99+ Easy to follow step-by-step instructions included Also includes everything you need: a hand-cut soapstone shape, kid-safe carving file, two grades of sandpaper, polishing wax for a quality finish, and buffing cloth Use water to eliminate dust Eco-friendly packaging and materials Amazing results in ~90 minutes Finished life-like sculpture approximately 3.5” x 1.75” x 1” (L x H x W) Kits made in beautiful British Columbia, Canada