Lebron James Crush & Coloring Book

Crush-worthy art to color! Enjoy a brush with royalty with Crush and Color: LeBron James, a coloring book of daydreams with basketball’s shining star. Discover sweet and spicy fantasy scenarios of LeBron in his element through more than 35 completely unique, lifelike drawings. Light your creativity on fire with the regal presence, heartwarming generosity, and limitless charm of LeBron on each and every page. Fall in love with his sense of adventure as the ocean waves roll in, get lost in infinite bliss as you gaze up at the stars, and be mesmerized by his excellence with every clap of chalk dust. Get to know LeBron better through pages of crushable knowledge about his life, interests, and career. Exhilaration can be yours in this captivating book of fantasies with a smoldering king in Crush and Color: LeBron James.
SKU: HBK250275424