I Will Teach You To Be Rich Journal

If someone asked you that question, would you know the answer? Most of us have never thought about what our Rich Life looks like beyond “Doing what I want, when I want.” Or, we’re told all our lives to save…but then what? How do we enjoy the results? Using this journal, you can finally give yourself the time to design your Rich Life. Work through eye-opening exercises and powerful prompts to understand how to: —Get to the root of your money beliefs and rewire them for the next chapter of your life. —Ask $30,000 questions instead of $3 ones. —Identify your Money Dials—the things you love spending on, like travel, eating out, health, or convenience—and develop a plan to spend more on what matters to you most. Once you know what your Rich Life looks like, you can start to live it. No more vague goals. No more procrastinating. Just beautiful, detailed vision and the confidence to make it real. So find a quiet room, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get to work.
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