Guinness World Records 2022

Despite the challenges of the past year, it’s been business as usual at Guinness World Records, and our researchers continue to field thousands of applications a month. Expect that unique mix of remarkable humans, talented pets, incredible vehicles and impressive sporting legends. What you’ll find in our 10 record-packed chapters: * Environmental champions – the eco-warriors fighting to make our planet a better place * Wonders of the natural world, from the most intelligent creatures to the deadliest plants * he tallest and shortest… Our record scouts have measured a host of the world’s loftiest and diminutive humans * Pop Culture icons – we reveal the world’s most successful movie franchises, videogames, toys and brand * Young Achievers – meet the under-16 influencers, entrepreneurs and entertainers who are taking positive steps to change the world * Sporting heroes – we review the biggest sporting achievements of the year and put them in context alongside the greatest athletes of all time
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