Gosling Square Building Blocks

Build your own village with this 80 piece set: 32 blocks, 32 triangles, and 16 half-blocks. Construct buildings, towers, and bridges with bright colors and mod patterns. You'll find a door, a window, or an archway debossed on one side of each block or half-block: a decorative pattern is debossed on its opposing side. Colorful triangles can form rooftops, bridge bases, and more. What else can you create with Gosling Square Building Blocks? Will you fashion a mid-century Earth village or a space colony on a distant planet? How high can you build a tower before it topples? Can you build a bridge or a merry-go-round? And how much fun is it to demolish the structures you've constructed? 32 - 1.75 inch cubes 32 - 1.75 inch triangles 16 - 1.75 inch tiles Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood Printed with non-toxic, mouth safe inks 100% made in the USA Ages 3+