Charley Harper: Vol 2 Coloring book

Inside are twenty-two pages of Harper’s playful critters, with reproductions of his full-color illustrations on the inside of the front and back covers. We’ve also included a blank page at the end so you, like Harper, can sketch the world around you. Sample of Selections: This box turtle doesn’t need to hide—the rabbit only likes to eat vegetables. The title of this painting is Box Seat. Mandrills (the largest of all monkeys!) are extremely social, and grooming each other is just another way they bond. The title of this painting is Backscratching in the Baboondocks. The male painted bunting is as brightly colored as you could imagine, with splashes of blue, red, green, and even more colors on his feathers. The active and intelligent emerald toucanet has a colorful personality to go with its bright plumage. This tropical bird can be trained to use its three-inch beak to play catch with you! Cardinals have strong beaks and can eat tougher seeds than birds with smaller beaks. In addition to insects, some of cardinals’ favorite foods are sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and melon seeds. The title of this painting is Coniferous Cardinal.