Charley Harper: Vol 1 Coloring book

Inside are twenty-two pages of Charley Harper’s playful animals, with his full-color illustrations featured on the inside of the front and back covers. Don’t forget about the blank pages at the end—we’ve left them there for you to draw the animals you find in your world. A Sample of Selections: The sea otter loves to float around and eat, and sometimes it uses tools like rocks to pry open its favorite shellfish. The name of this painting is Otterly Delicious. The plump quail likes to stay low, foraging and building its nest on the ground. The lucky little ladybug is pretty smart, too: its shining red wings and black spots tell predators to stay away. The name of this painting is Lucky Ladybug. The brilliant feathers and prideful tail of the orange-bellied trogon can be spotted in the humid forest canopies of Panama and Costa Rica. Don’t feed the bears! But black bears do enjoy munching on berries they find in the wild. The name of this painting is Blackbeary Jam.