Blue Primo Ride On Scooter

The wheels of our PRIMO ride on toys contain two metal rims, powder coated in grey and assembled with 4 stainless steel screws. The tires are made safe for small children with smooth black plastic and include a white wall ring for an authentic classic look. The wheels roll on plastic axes mounted on a metal axis. The handlebar, the fork and the drivetrain are hand-bended metal tubes, subsequently powder coated in grey. Hard coated exteriors protect our PRIMO toddler toys from outside elements. The ride on handles are made of black plastic. The soft cushion seat is covered with artificial leather for maximal comfort and old-fashioned look. PRIMO is self-propelled. This means the "engine" is the rider itself! This keeps the toddlers or 1-5 year olds very active, while at the same time it stimulates their neuronal development of motor and coordination skills. The key specifications of PRIMO are the following: Product dimension: 30 inch long, 12 inch wide, 17 inch high (handlebar) and 12.5 inch seat height. Ages 1- 5 years, 44 pound weight limit (due to lack of brakes).
SKU: ABT1819