Astranomical Telescope

Explore celestial objects near and far with this officially licensed powerful NASA astronomical telescope. View stars, planets, brighter nebulae and galaxies from your window or venture to away from light pollution to view fainter, deep sky objects. Includes finder scope, variable height tripod (68cm-118cm) and two eyepieces for magnification between 50x and 100x Designed in London, UK Finder scope & Variable height tripod Two eyepieces for magnification between 50x and 100x Aperture: 50mm (2") Focal Length:600mm.F/12 Diagonal Prism: 90 degrees Eyepiece: F6mm + F12 mm Finder Scope: 3X18 Tripod Height: 68-118cm Please Note: Adult supervision recommended. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which present choking hazard. Never look directly at the sun through the telescope as this can permanently damage your eyes. Never use your telescope to project sunlight onto another surface as internal heat build up will damage the telescope's optical components and there is a risk of fire.