3D Munchies

Two dimensional recipes? How passé. We’re living in the 21st century, baby, and 3D Munchies is here to take bring your late-night (or morning, we’re not judging) cravings into the future. Strap in for a journey: they say seeing is believing, and this book is here to let you visualize those cheesy nacho crevasses and the crispiness of those potato chips before they even hit the plate. With half-baked smaller snacks to ¬¬fully loaded, pop-off-the-page carbs, with a whole section for anyone with a sweet tooth, this book is here to satiate all your senses with fried and baked goodness. Includes 3D glasses, heaps of diet-unfriendly recipes and some chocolate-dipped, over the top visuals.
SKU: SIM922417374