101 Super Cute Things To Draw

More than 100 step-by-step lessons for making cute, expressive, fun art! 101 Super Cute Things to Draw is perfect for beginners, as well as young artists, with its simple illustrations and easy-to-follow drawing steps. For those who want to learn how to draw everything adorable and amusing, this book is for you! With this book, you’ll learn to draw: Everyday objects, including a teapot, balloons, and a terrarium; Food, including a cinnamon bun, a sushi roll, and strawberries; Nature, including a mushroom, a tiny forest, and a rainbow and cloud; Animals, including a red panda, a sloth, and a cow; Mythical creatures, including a yeti, a dragon, and a jackalope. Bursting with humor and imagination, books in the 101 Things to Draw series will put a smile on your face with original mash-ups, step-by-step drawing instructions, doodling exercises, and mindfulness activities.
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