101 Super Cute Cat Things To Draw

Bursting with humor and imagination, 101 Super Cute Cat Things to Draw will put a smile on your face with original cat mash-ups, step-by-step drawing instructions, doodling exercises, and mindfulness activities. If you are crazy about cats, looking for new ways to get inspired to draw, or simply want to unwind after a busy day, you have found the right book! The activities in this adorable book are designed to provide you an escape from modern life to a relaxing world of quirkiness and creativity. This entertaining how-to doodle and drawing book follows in the successful pawsteps of author Lulu Mayo’s 18 existing books, featuring: Quirky cats, including dragon cats, unicorn cats, ghost cats, star sign cats, maneki-neko (beckoning cat), cat-themed clothes and accessories, cat foods (tangerine tabby, purrfect peach, sushi cats, gelato gatos, ice cream catwiches), cactus cats, cat home decor, and so much more! Step by step instructions will have you drawing and coloring all kinds of fun kitties. Cat doodling prompts and mindfullness exercises will destress and inspire you.
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