Latte Cat Family Calico Critters

Introducing the Latte Cat Family from Calico Critters, where soft colors and rounded patterns create a cozy atmosphere. This delightful set includes the father, mother, girl, baby, and a variety of accessories, such as drinks, a waffle, and a shopping bag. With their versatile hands, the figures can hold onto the drinks and shopping bag, adding to the realism of playtime. The family members sport colorful checkered outfits in different hues, adding a playful touch to their ensemble. Meet Matteo, the Latte Cat father, who adores shopping with Daniela. His keen eye for fashion often leads him to suggest new outfits for her, happily offering to indulge her style cravings. Meanwhile, Daniela enjoys leisurely shopping trips, always pausing for a cup of tea and relishing in lunch dates with friends. Monica, the Latte Cat girl, has an adventurous palate and delights in trying new foods, while Pino, the baby of the family, finds joy in imaginative play, particularly setting up his own pretend shop and welcoming customers with a cheerful smile. Join the Latte Cat Family as they navigate the joys of shopping, dining, and playful exploration in the whimsical world of Calico Critters! Ages 3 & up.