Watercolor With Me In the Jungle

From tigers to parrots and lizards—this jungle-themed collection of 25 beautiful, no-sketch templates makes it easy to destress and focus on watercolor technique. Printed on high-quality art paper, every project comes together with just a few simple steps so all your art is frame worthy. Learn beginner-friendly watercolor techniques with Dana Fox, author of Watercolor with Me: In the Forest and Watercolor with Me: In the Ocean. Fans of Dana’s watercolor series will be excited to return to her unique no-sketch paintings that anyone can complete in just a few simple steps. In this book, Dana provides lightly outlined tropical projects designed to walk you through three major watercolor techniques: wet on dry, wet on wet and ink and wash. Her signature whimsical style makes it simple—and beautiful—to hone your skills as a watercolor painter with this fun, new nature theme. This book includes 50 projects.
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